Our ability to provide the benefits below made us one of the leading manpower (contract and permanent) suppliers in Nigeria.

Client-Specific Recruitment.

Prior discussions with the user provide the supplier with an understanding of peculiar requirements and expectations. Thus, the supplier adopts detailed recruitment and selection procedures to ensure a near-perfect match with client requirements.

Greater Flexibility in Available Resource Base.

User organizations are offered the unique opportunity to increase or reduce their support staff strength, as the need arises. The supplier can provide additional staff and replacements, where necessary, at short notice ensuring the uninterrupted conduct of your core business activities.

Reduced Operational Costs.

By contracting out, all managerial issues are clearly simplified, as valuable man-hours can be saved with the easier, faster, and more result-oriented approach of outsourcing. Here, user-organization deals with a corporate body (Supplier), then with very many individuals with their attendant peculiarities. The cost implications of this arrangement tilt in favor of the user organization; as only human resources in areas of core competence are employed and managed by the user organization.

Reduced Direct Costs.

Outsourcing offers the user opportunities of reduction in overhead cost resulting from maintaining fewer human resource personnel. Further, the cost of regular or periodic recruitment and/or replacement of seconded employees will be borne by the supplier. Consequently, savings in personnel and related costs accruing to the user organization will be substantial.

Relieved Industrial Relations Worries.

The supplier in most cases will be adequately equipped to effectively manage employee matters to ensure uninterrupted service delivery to the user-company. Besides supplier organizations do not encourage trade union activities.

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